Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ridiculously loud. Together.

I thought I'd toss out a few ridiculous things Pete has said today:
Pete watch Jackass three?  (A special thank you to Ryan for that one)
NOOOOOOOOO!  Chester's playing with Pete's balls!  (JBC and PGK got Pete balls for his birthday)
Pete take turns with Daddy's beer?  (Um, good try Pete)
Don't be loud, it hurts Chester's ears (Ryan was building new stairs to the slide)

Clearly we haven't mastered pronouns around here, but I'm sure I'll miss it when he learns them.  I'm learning to enjoy the stages right now, and not just wish my way through the rough phases hoping for the next development.  Though, I am excited for Chester to start talking soon because I'm not sure I can take the patented "Toddler Shriek" anymore.  Not only does Chester cry when tired or sad and wail when angry or frustrated, he also squeals in pleasure.  Don't let anyone fool you, just because it's a happy squeal does not make it any less of a squeal.  To add to the fun, Pete has taken to speaking Chester's "language". 

Today at breakfast, they just sat there, screaming at each other.  I was just about to start scolding because it really hurts my ears, and screaming at the breakfast table is not a habit they should be forming.  But then I stopped.  They were having fun.  Together.  Exactly what we had hoped for when we started trying for a second baby as soon after Pete as God would give us one.  So I let them squeal a little while longer as I finished getting ready for the day.  And then I popped some Tylenol.

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  1. "Pete watch Jackass 3?" has me laughing outloud. I dread the day Maya asks that question. :-)