Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I laughed, but I kind of felt bad too.

I went to Zumba alone tonight.  It was probably the best decision I've made all week. 

Pete woke up from his nap with a fever over 102, so he was excluded from YMCA Playcare, and stayed home with Ryan.  Chester goes to sleep at 7:30pm and though possible for me to take him to a 6-7pm class, it's better for all involved (especially the playcare workers!) if he stays home with Ryan too.

I enjoyed the class, though I'm sure the look on my face said otherwise.  I'm not a natural dancer, so it takes a lot of concentration for me to even come close to the proper steps in Zumba.  The grace and flair of the Latin rhythm is totally lost on me but I still get a good workout doing my best.  KJ smiles all through class, bouncing around with all the steps memorized and encouraged me to try smiling too (as if smiling would make the class easier perhaps?).  Unfortunately, the end result was a look of concentration, pain and confusion mixed with a smirk.  Let's just say I'm not headed for instructor status anytime soon. 

Back to the kids: They stayed with Ryan, had dinner and I imagine they played some trucks and watched some hockey. 

The following is just heresay and I'm glad I missed it:  At some point Pete told Ryan he needed to poop on the potty.  Ryan asked if Pete needed any help, and Pete said he didn't need any help.  In all fairness, it's the same reaction I would have had because Pete is pretty self-sufficient when it comes to the potty, unless he's wearing a pair of pants that he can't get unbuttoned by himself.  When enough time had passed, Ryan went in to check on Pete to find him, pants around ankles, wiping up the floor with one of my bath towels.  He said "I'm sorry I peed on the floor Daddy".  No problem, Ryan thinks, it happens, and helps him wipe it up.  Then Pete uttered the words that no one ever wants to hear from their three year old:  "Daddy, I'm sorry I pooped on the floor, it was an accident."  Thinking Pete had just misspoken, Ryan continued to clean up the pee, and asked Pete what he meant, he didn't see any poop?  Then Pete turned over the bath towel, and showed Daddy the poop.

I am so glad I went to Zumba alone tonight! 



  1. Maybe Tommy will stay in diapers a bit longer!

  2. Hahah!!! Bryan likes to sneak in the bathroom to shake out his poopy diapers into the toilet. Of course while it usually ends up in the potty there is usually evidence that it didn't go there first...and then there's half a roll of toilet paper from his attempts at cleaning! While it's frustrating now, there is that certain laugh factor!!!