Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The dangers of free E-books.

This morning, having finished two free nook books yesterday, I searched the Barnes & Noble website for some fresh new reading material.  There are over 1,813,000 free nook books on the site, and so far I've browsed through the first 320. 

I've never heard of any of the books, or any of the authors, so it's really choosing a book by its cover.  There are collections of short stories, novels, trendy teen werewolf knockoffs, diet books, an what passes for non-fiction.  I do miss the satisfaction of picking a book off the shelf, flipping it over for the summary.  I can do the same on the website, but I miss the tactile satisfaction of actually picking it off the shelf. 

I wish there was a rating system for books, so I could automatically exclude the "erotica" genre from my search.  If you've searched free nook books, no doubt you've seen the same list.  It makes sense, there's very little cost to publish a nook book, so even if you're writing smut, it can be published and marketed.  Let's just filter all the titles in the series "Naughty Nooners", and the book covers that have half-naked men or women, and anything titled "Stroke It".  The last thing I need right now is a reminder of how I got here. 

I'm also signed up with our local library to borrow e-books, and there I can search as in a normal library.  And like the normal library, many of the best sellers have a wait list a mile long.  At least I have a few free ones to keep me occupied until my best-sellers come in.  Should all else fail, I could always break down and actually pay for a book.   

On a final note, since the nook is under Ryan's account, all morning he got emails on his blackberry every time I ordered a new nook book.  They were running some pretty important drills, and his blackberry was blowing up all morning!  Oops!

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