Monday, May 23, 2011

I've got it all figured out and

Ryan is not going to like this one bit! 

I've figured out how to keep my morning  all day sickness at bay:  Do nothing. 

I started today with crackers in bed while the boys bounced all over the room. 
I did feed them breakfast, and washed dishes, but then laid back down while the boys played together.
They played until noon while I read the nook and together we ate lunch.
Finally they both took a nap (thank God for 2 hour naps) and I read more on the nook.
One part of Ryan's schedule I can't complain about is arriving home at 2pm when they're in port.  He spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the boys in the basement while I snuggled with the nook.

When I stand up, I get nauseous.  When I smell food, I get nauseous.  When I get warm, I get nauseous.

I'm going to be very well read if this continues.  I'm just praying it ends quickly like it did with Chester, and not linger through the second trimester like it did with Pete.  I'll try not to whine, but honestly, there's not much to blog about since I'm spending all my time in bed.  Unless you want to hear some book reviews! 

And again, a wicked appreciative shout out to Ryan, for cooking dinner, doing the laundry and taking care of the kids after naptime too.  I think he's making up for being gone 90% of the first pregnancy!

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