Thursday, May 19, 2011

Delayed Blog 5/3: Pregnancy exhaustion

No, the laundry is not getting done.  I managed to clean the shower, take a shower, feed the children breakfast, do the dishes, drop Ryan off at work, pick up toys, vaccuum the living room and feed the children lunch all by noon.  While this doesn't seem like an awful lot, considering I'm battling the first-trimester exhaustion and the random migraine (perhaps brought on by gleeful screaming from the children at breakfast?) it is all I plan to accomplish for the day. 

I should be addressing the H&F invites.  Or finishing the thank-you notes from Pete's birthday party last week. Perhaps even mopping my disgusting kitchen floor.  The laundry definitely needs some attention, but I can't bring myself to move it into the dryer, let alone hang a load on the line out back. 

No, instead I shall nap while the children nap.  God only knows how long they'll nap, so I better get to it!  Good night.

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