Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pete's first love reunited!

Pete's first date was pretty sweet, for a three month old.  He even scored an older chick!  TPK was about eight months old when Pete took her to the 7/11 and a Kenny Chesney concert, and of course, as responsible mothers, we chaperoned.  Sadly, he lost any chance he had of getting lucky when he fell asleep for most of the concert.  And the breasts he spent the most time with that night were mine. 

She must have forgiven him for falling asleep during the concert, because TPK invited Pete over for some tummy-time a few weeks later.  She even used the flirty "gently brush his hair back from his eyes" technique.  He responded with raspberry lips.  He was totally into her. 
In true Coast Guard fashion, TPK sadly moved away after their summer fling, and we only ever saw her status updates on facebook.  Pete moved to Boston later that year too, and made plenty of male friends, but never found another girlfriend like TPK.  Three years later, we got a message that Pete's girlfriend was being transferred to Massachusetts!  The Coast Guard is famous (our infamous) for being so small that you continually run into the same people over and over during the course of a 20+ year career.  In this case, Pete's first love returns and is living just over an hour South of us.

I picked up the K family from the airport and we enjoyed dinner grilled in the backyard by my fabulous husband.  TPK and TPK2 (her little brother) made fast friends with OMC, Pete and Chester too.  All the kids got along famously, playing on the slides.  Pete even scored a kiss from his old flame!  JBC and I are already planning lots of trips to Cape Cod for summer playdates.  Forgive the pictures, I couldn't get them to stand still long enough to take a good picture.

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