Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have you kissed a boo-boo today?

My boys are rough and tumble.  That's no surprise.  But no matter the injury, they come running for a kiss to make it all better.

That's so sweet, you say!  They love me, they trust me, they know Mommy will fix anything.  It goes for Daddy, too despite his best efforts to bribe crying injured babies wth candy, he is also often entreated to kiss it and make it all better.  It is so sweet, until you realize that my magical kiss is often requested on dirty feet, sticky hands, and even... a butt.  Pete is just barely three, so he had no concept of why I burst into giggles today when he fell on a toy, injuring his bottom, and ran to me pulling down his pants and crying "Mommy, kiss my butt!"

And of course, Chester, my mokey, ends up with boo-boos daily as a result of his adventurous climbing.  He is a walking disaster.  Yesterday he managed a puncture wound under his toe while playing outside, a scrape on his knee falling off the tricycle, and a busted lip climbing on an overturned chair.  That one bled for a while, and required an icy-pop too.  He was up four times last night, which I can only assume was due to his sore fat lip, and the fact that I ran out of motrin at 11pm too. 

So this morning I hit up CVS to stock up for the summer (or maybe just next week!)  We now have a stockpile of Motrin and Tylenol, Band-Aids and Neosporin, anti-septic spray and saline spray to wash wounds, and gauze pads to soak up the blood.  $60 was a small price to pay for being prepared for the inevitable injuries.  I'll go ahead and add that to my "outside" bag filled with hats, sunscreen, bug spray and water.

 I feel prepared for the big bad wild that is my backyard!

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  1. I realized recently that I have to add that stuff to the bag too. Nothing like being out and having to ask another mom to borrow a band-aid. Let's get together soon for some outdoor fun!