Monday, April 18, 2011

Sick of being ridiculously sick.

It's been ten days since I saw the first signs of a the mongolian death flu.  Pete's eyes looked a little off during the circus Friday night and I saw a few nose drips, but I just chalked it up to being up past his bedtime and the first dose of wonderful spring weather.  By the next morning, it was clear Pete had something.  I figured it was no big deal, and made a mental note to pick up extra tissues at the store.  Then Ryan started feeling ill.  And next I had a sore throat.  Just to round us all out, Chester started with the snot.  By Sunday night it was undeniable that we were all victims of the mongolian death flu. 

In true Kowalske fashion, these boys don't do anything halfway.  For two days, Pete couldn't breathe and therefore couldn't sleep unless he was laying on top of me.  His fever was through the roof, but I don't even bother taking his temp anymore.  He's in that awkward in-between age where I can't fathom lifting up his legs to take a rectal temp, but he doesn't quite understand how to keep the thermometer in his mouth long enough for an oral reading.  Yes, I could go get one of those temporal readers, but let's be honest, he either has a fever or he doesn't and the exact number doesn't really matter.  Treatment with ibuprofen and acetaminophen, warm baths and lots of water.  Add in some extra snuggles and sleeping upright on my chest and we've completed the standard treatment.    

Next came Chester's fever, and since he's barely more than a baby, I still take his temperature.  Poor guy hovered between 103-104.5 for four days.  When the standard treatments didn't bring him relief, I ended up taking him into the ER at 6am on Saturday morning because we couldn't wait for the doctor's office to open if Ryan was going to make it to the Hockey Tournament on time.  As I suspected, he had another ear infection brought on by the mongolian death flu.  A new antibiotic and he's on his way to recovery.

I've had snot wiped on my shoulder.  I've had snot wiped on my pantleg.  I've found snot in my hair.  I've been covered in vomit.  I've been a pillow.  I've been an all-night buffet and the sole source of food for Chester since he decided that eating hurt too much.

By now we've been in quarrantine for 10 days, and I'm starting to go stir crazy.  A good portion of the month of April is already shot, now I'm just hoping we all recover before Pete's birthday party! 


  1. I hope you all are on your way to recovery! I remember the quarantine feeling ... it's no fun. Hang in there, mama!

  2. Wow, Sue, I don't know how you do it. I'm tired just reading this. That's Supermom trophy territory there. I know how it goes when the nursing child thinks you're all all-night buffet when he/she's not feeling's kind of the pits. I hope everyone's feeling much better right now- and that they pamper you this Easter weekend in thanks for taking such good care of them!