Friday, April 15, 2011

Not everyday is ridiculous.

Some are just normal.  Every day is full, though, which still surprises me. 

After Pete was born, I stayed home for six weeks and I was bored out of my mind most days.  Almost all of my friends in Virginia worked full time, Ryan was out to sea and my family was eight hours away.  If I couldn't arrange a playdate, the highlight of my day was a trip to the library or grocery store.  You can only stare at a sleeping baby so many hours in the day! 

After I quit my job and moved back to Massachusetts, it was up to me to find entertainment.  Pete was nine months old and still relatively portable.  I went to the YMCA daily, either to take Pete swimming or to workout while he played at the playcare. I taught two classes at the local university while a friend watched Pete for me.  I hosted friends for elaborate themed dinner parties.  I joined the local spouses association as the treasurer.  I wondered why some of my stay-at-home-mom friends said they were so busy?  I had to work hard to find activities to keep us busy!

When we added Chester to the family, I suddenly understood.  Every day was suddenly packed and it was increasingly hard to make playdates because we were so booked!  I really cannot express how two children, their naps, their group activities, their playdates are much more than twice the time committment of one child.  I'm sure when we add a Baby Threepete I'll look back fondly at all the excess time I had (to sit down and blog during naptime) when we had just two.   

We started the day sending Ryan down to Cape Cod at 5:45am to play hockey in the Commandant's Cup.  I got the boys changed and dressed, showered and fed all by 7am.  I taught the 8am Intro to Financial accounting while Miss Meghan kept the boys.  Thankfully they were entertained by Little Einsteins while I completed our taxes (nothing like waiting until the 15th!)  A quick once-over to clean the house before our friends arrived for our playdate.  I made chicken piccata for our lunch and we enjoyed a nice afternoon outside as I hung out laundry and the munchkins ran in circles playing on the swings, the slide and the trucks.  Now they're napping and I'm blogging.  After nap a quick trip in the wagon to the post office is in order to mail those pesky taxes and our day is still far from over.  I need to pull the laundry in off the line in the backyard, study up on the book for tonight's book club, print the invitations for the Hail and Farewell and get over to Hanscom AFB by 7pm.  Maybe it's time to get off the blog.

I guess today is ridiculous(ly busy!) just like every day around here. 


  1. So glad you're blogging. Hooray!

  2. Yay! If your Facebook status updates are any indication, your blog will be fabulous!