Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two important Don'ts to start your Sunday morning:

Don't feed your toddler pineapple on his pizza.  He'll be up all night complaining his tummy hurts. 
Don't try to sleep in.  It's just not worth it. 

Since we were up for hours last night with a fussy 18 month old, I decided to implement "stay in your room until 7am" this morning.  It worked very well a few months ago, just send them back to their bedroom at 5:30am when they woke up and who cares if they go back to sleep or stay awake and play together, just stay in your room.  Their room is babyproofed, and contains such entertainment as books, a few toys and a window to watch the birds and dogs in the backyard.  This morning I thought to myself, as I rolled over to get another hour of sleep, this is brilliant, why don't I do this every time they get up wicked early?

Ryan was the unfortunate one to discover why I don't do this every morning.  I awoke at 7:23am to the sound of a shower.  I was still blissfully unaware, and assumed that he was taking a shower to start the day.  When he returned to our room with a toddler wrapped in a towel, he clued me in on the details.  Chester had poo-sploded his diaper (courtesy of the pineapple) and it soaked through his pajamas, on his bed and blankets,and then on to Pete's bed and blankets.  Awesome.  At least he didn't play in it and wipe it on the walls. 

One quick shower and one load of laundry on hot and we've escaped this morning catastrophe.  I probably won't sleep past 5am again for another three or four years though!

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