Monday, August 15, 2011

Easter in August or I've sunk to a new low.

Pete:  Me have Easter baskets?
Me: It's not Easter.
Pete:  Please, you can go get the bunny and he brings candy.
Me:  Easter happens in the spring, this is summer.  Easter isn't for a long, long time.
Pete:  And eat Easter bunny candy.
Me:  We don't have any Easter bunny candy, it's August.
Pete:  Please, Mommy, Please?

Sigh.  No amount of explaining can convince Pete that it's not Easter and there's no Easter candy.  And for good cause.  He pointed out that on the top of the fridge sat two Easter baskets, filled with plastic eggs.  To my surprise, there was still candy in half of the eggs.  Shocking, since candy doesn't last long around our house.  It's most often used as a bribe for eating vegetables.  So we've all enjoyed some pastel twizzlers for a few days.  Easter candy in August.  I've been bested by the pre-schooler again.

What's even worse?  Tonight after dinner I was in the mood for some budge-like brownies.  I searched a little online for a recipe using cocoa (that I have) instead of baking chocolate (which I don't have), but then discovered we only had whole wheat flour.  Totally defeated, I considered doing the dishes that my husband had promised to do and bribing him to go to the store for flour, but decided to settle for marshmallows from the baking/treat cupboard.  What do you think I found in the treat cupboard?  A candy-cane filled with M&Ms.  And I ate the Christmas M&Ms in August.  With the marshmallows.  You should try it sometime. 

At least I shared.      

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  1. Sounds good to me. Hey how's your garden, want to do some swapping of candy and veggies?