Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Further evidence that my children are out to get me.

We spend a lot of time playing in the backyard on the adorable little playset that Ryan built for the boys.  I snagged a great deal on a slide ($6 at Children's Drop and Shop last fall- the same slide retails for $125!) and some swings ($2 each at the same sale, retails is $40 each) and Ryan re-purposed some of our old fence posts and extra lumber to set up the playset. 

Chester prefers the normal swing, while Pete loves to fly high "like the birdies and the planes" in the baby swing with safety straps.  I'm pretty sure he fell off the big-boy swing once and has decided it's safer to swing high on the baby swing. 

Pete has mastered the slide, and loves to send balls, trains, trucks and any other toy he can get his hands on down the slide too.  I've had to stop him from riding a tricycle down the slide too.  Sigh.  I swear, my boys will give me a heart attack one of these days.  I've stopped him from sliding down on his belly, backwards, face first, and on his feet.  Chester can climb up the stairs to the slide, and more often than not, he goes down the slide just fine too.  Sometimes, he'll stand at the top of the slide and yell "Elp!" so that I'll come hold his hand while he goes down the slide. 

So last night as I prepared dinner, Ryan played outside with the boys.  I heard Ryan tell Pete to slide down the slide, and the following ensues:

Pete (slides down slide backwards)
Daddy:  Pete, what would Mommy say?
Pete:  Daddy, listen, when Mommy's outside I don't do that.  When Mommy's inside I can try it.

Where did he learn that????  I swear, my children are out to get me. 

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