Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minor inconveniences

There are some discomforts of pregnancy that I deem intolerable.  Okay, there's the weeks of nausea, vomiting, gas, constipation and bloating in the first trimester (or longer, if you're unlucky like me).  Then at the end there's insomnia which, during your first pregnancy is a minor inconvenience, but when you're the only one in charge of a toddler all day becomes truly unbearable and sometimes dangerous!  Opinions differ, but after a certain number of days with little to no sleep, I believe you become clinically insane. 

But aside from those two, the rest are relatively minor, mere inconveniences, and sometimes downright amusing. 

Beer/wine:  I miss it.  There have been many warm summer evenings that I really craved an ice cold Bud Light.  Or a beautiful romantic dinner date to celebrate a birthday/anniversary where I just sniffed the wine, or enjoyed a sip or two.  Yes, I understand that even my midwife has approved an occasional glass of wine, but sometimes I miss a good drunken evening.  I miss a full on beer-tastic, wine-a-holic rowdy night with girlfriends or my husband.  It's only 9 months, plus a few while we're adjusting to breastfeeding, so I deem this a minor inconvenience, and the cute little blonde baby boy is worth it.

Nosebleeds:  These are no fun, but also not a big deal!  Just a reminder to carry tissues with you at all times, and a spare change of clothes, for that matter.  It's important to feel the blood start, just seconds before it begins gushing out of your nose.  If you get good at it, you can avoid blood actually ever leaving your nose.  Let's just say, at the grocery store this morning, I conquered the bloody nose.  Though I'm sure my cashier wondered why I suddenly stopped talking to her, grabbed my tissues and covered my nose.  I probably look like I have a cocaine habit.

SPD:  This was nearly part of the serious misery of pregnancy, but thanks to a helpful midwife who suggested chiropractic care, it's been downgraded to a minor inconvenience.  You can google the details if you want them, but basically my pubic bones separate, leaving my pelvis unstable.  It can develop during pregnancy, or as a complication of delivery.  Your legs fee detached from your body.  It makes walking difficult, stairs painful, and crawling on all fours or rolling over in bed nearly impossible.  A stability belt did nothing for me, but my chiropractor was very helpful putting my back/pelvis/hips back into alignment twice a week.  I felt so great with my pubic bones in alignment that I was able to continue my trips to the gym for zumba class. 

Everyone experiences pregnancy differently,  so you may be lucky and avoid some of these entirely, or you may have some extras that never even made my list.  But for now, I'm thrilled to report that I am in between the first 15 or so weeks of constant nausea and vomiting (a bad day here or there is no big deal in the second trimester) and the insomnia of the last trimester, so I'm actually feeling quite well. 

On a side note, we had the big ultrasound this morning, and I'm THRILLED to report that they moved my due date up to January 4 (my estimate was January 6 and there's was January 12 but who am I to judge, I was just the one there...) and that we're having another boy.  Maybe this time he'll have a name before he's born....  Stanislaus Optimus Prime has a nice ring to it, right Ryan?

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