Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby ThreePete? Baby Dinosaur? How about a Guinea pig?!

First there was Baby Pete, then Baby RePete, and finally Baby ThreePete.  While others may call their baby Nugget, Peanut, Jellybean, Twinkle-toad, Beebee, Wiggles or Princess, I'm just not that creative.  Though I've said this every time, I think I'm done, this being pregnant is far too stressful, and besides, I'm out of names.  I can't use Baby FourPete.  As the Patriots noted a few years back, I think four makes it a dynasty, and I know five makes a hockey line, but I'm pretty satisfied with three.  Remind me of that when he/she turns one and I start missing the smell of Johnson's baby shampoo on a sweet innocent little baby head.   

From the first visit to the midwife, this baby has been known as the Baby Dinosaur around our house.  After Pete saw the ultrasound, he was convinced that the baby in my belly is a dinosaur.  I figured it's not worth fighting about so I went with it.  Ask Chester what a dinosaur says, and he'll "Rawr" for you.  In fact, Chester has a new and overwhelming love of dinosaur books and dinosaur toys (Pete was always trucks and trains!) so perhaps Chester is telling me he's okay with adding a baby dinosaur to the family. 

As most anyone who's been pregnant will tell you, the dreams can be quite odd and quite vivid.  Recently, I dreamed that rather than a baby, or a dinosaur for that matter, I gave birth to a guinea pig.  But the fun didn't end there, I put the guinea pig on the piggy show circuit.  I trained the piggy in multiple events, including the guinea pig agility contest and jumping.  I washed and dried the piggy with a blow dryer and put bows in (her?) hair for the show events.  Who shows guinea pigs?  And do they even have an agility contest for them?  Where do I get this stuff?

Tomorrow is the big day, we'll find out if this is a Pink Dinosaur or a Blue Dinosaur, but the general public will have to wait until Ryan comes home on Friday.  He's going to be served a cake with vanilla frosting, and when he cuts into the cake, it will be pink or blue inside.  But let's be honest, I think we all know this is another little boy.

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