Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How was your night?

This was actually back from April 30, but it's taken a week to get a few spare minutes to finish the blog! 

 It's been a rough day and my husband was kind enough to make me a margarita with my dinner.  And not just a margarita, but the most amazing blender full of fresh lime with just the right balance of tequila and crushed ice.  I had several glasses of the sweet stress-busting agave nectar of the gods before I remembered that I needed to drop off a check to Heather for my Pampered Chef order.  (Which co-incidentally enough was actually for Margarita Itty Bitty Bevs)

I could have walked over to drop off the check, but decided to make it a family trip on the bikes.  We recently bought bikes and a bike trailer from the adorable local bike shop Bikeway Source in Bedford and I've been looking for every opportunity to ride them.  So I packed up the two youngest in the trailer, popped on my helmet (safety first!)  and biked over to Heather's while wearing my super cute black linen dress (thank you Ashley!) with black canvas wedges (thank you Brenna!).

On the way there, we ran into Rachel and Abby, wondering what the heck I was doing biking in a dress and heels.  I stood there chatting with the girls and I sent Pete ahead to Heather's to drop off the check (LOVE having a big kid who can help!).  Meanwhile, Chester announced his need to pee.  I helped unbuckle him from the bike trailer, but before I could even direct him to the nearest bush, he peed in his pants.  Rachel is now laughing, as I am clearly tipsy, riding a bike in heels with a child in the trailer who just peed in his pants.  She suggested borrowing a pair of pants from Heather's boys but by now Pete had returned from dropping off the check and I just wanted to go home.  I've cleaned enough car seats to know the canvas in my brand new bike trailer would never be the same if I put Chester back in with his wet pants. 

Have you guessed how this ended yet? 

I biked home with a pant-less child in the bike trailer. 

Just wait for the second installment of pants-free Kowalske Boys- coming soon!

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