Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pants-free part two

Any Mom will tell you that the best treatment for a diaper rash is fresh air.  How much fresh air you're willing to give the bum is dependent on your tolerance for the potential mess of a naked time incident.  For some Moms, this is the zero-infinity poop principle.  Close to zero chance the child will soil themselves without pants on, but infinitely disgusting if they do.  I've been desensitized to baby poop with at least one in diapers for the last five years, so the very small chance of a catastrophic mess doesn't bother me and we've had lots of fresh air naked time over the years.  Now that we're on Kowalske Boy #3, naked time isn't even reserved for diaper rash, but rather celebrated any time we don't feel like putting on pants. 

I promised the boys we'd go swimming before their lessons on Tuesday without checking the stock of swimmy diapers in the closet. Turns out, we were fresh out of swimmy diapers, which required a quick trip in the bike and trailer (I did NOT spend all that money on the bike just to drive the minivan to the store.  We WILL get my money's worth of this bike trailer!). One set of diapers, one set of squeezy ice pops and a great big hug from Miss Jessa and we were ready to ride to the pool for swim lessons.  Back from lessons and finished with dinner, we wandered outside to play.

Marek joined the ranks of the naked in the back yard at an impromptu party for our new neighbors Leah and Sam.  I was relaxing in their backyard after my long and arduous Tuesday, and when the baby blew out his pants, it was much easier to just clean the kid and release him in the backyard without pants instead of walking back to the house for a new diaper.  Okay, I'll be completely honest, it was all of 250 yards back to my house, but I didn't want to go.  I sent Chester for a new diaper, but he got distracted by an ant on the sidewalk.  I'm on the fence about whether the naked time was the result of a laid back parenting philosophy, or sheer laziness and besides, Marek was not concerned at all about playing in the backyard without pants.  In typical male fashion, he loved the attention from all the rest of the guests, flaunting his little toosh while playing fetch with the dogs.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sam and Leah!  Hope my naked kid didn't traumatize you. 

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