Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Welcome Port and Starboard!

How did you spend your Mother's Day weekend?  Did your family serve you breakfast in bed?  Did they bring you flowers?  Did they forget entirely?  Did they give store bought gifts?  Did they draw a card with crayons and stickers?  Did they craft something at school?  Did you avoid the whole holiday?

Personally, I had a great Mother's Day.  My family left.  Now before you get all up in arms about loving and appreciating my kids and my husband:  I do love and appreciate my family.  I just really love the rare moments when I'm ALONE.  I used my precious time to read a book, do some laundry and play Farmville.  I'm the most exciting person I know. 

I was truly pampered over the weekend.  I got to shower.  Twice.  Without any small children interrupting me or destroying the room while I'm out of sight. 

My husband made breakfast, we ordered pizza and he made dinner too.  AND he did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  I was able to just sit and relax.  Truly rewarding.      

The boys made me some cards and presents. 

This is the plate that Pete made last year at pre-school.  It got set aside in our move last year, and only discovered months later when I cleaned out the garage.  Pete has asked me about the plate every day since.  Do you like the plate I made for you Mommy?  He also asks if I love the flowers they picked out for me.  I love orchids, they're beautiful!  Oh, no Mommy, I mean these flowers I made for you out of model magic:

Before you give Ryan the gold medal of Mother's day pampering, I would like to tell you that it came with a price tag.  The price tag of my sanity.  Sure, he took the boys for a few hours, but do you know what they brought home?  A turtle.  No kidding.  Actually two turtles.  Port and Starboard.  And three guppies. And a sucker fish.  If I was contemplating any more children, that pretty much nipped the thought in the bud. Since you have so much spare time to think about another baby, here are two little reptiles and some fish for you to remember to feed, and clean before they make the house stinky. 

And now my disclaimer:  I actually like the turtles.  I was thinking about getting the boys each a Beta, but hadn't really done my research yet, and now I don't have to.  We'll see if they keep the boys' interest for the long term, but right now, they will just sit and stare at the turtles.  They have built me Lego models of the fish tank.  They wish the turtles good night.  One threat of moving the turtles away gets the playroom cleaned in record time.  So I do love the turtles, but I will reserve the right to joke about them for the next year.  And I think for Father's Day, Ryan might be getting a beautiful Coach purse. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there.  Happy "we're rooting for you" Day to the Ladies who want to be Mothers.  Happy Mother's Day to all my friends with Angel Babies- you ARE still Mothers.  And finally Happy Mothers Day to our Mothers in Heaven and a big hug to the sons and daughters missing them. 

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