Friday, February 10, 2012

The third one has to get his share somehow, right?

Clearly Pete and Chester demand my attention.  They can both physically demand my attention by doing crazy things around the house, and verbally demand my attention calling for me, "Mooooommy!".  Marek, on the other hand, just sleeps, eats, cries and poops.  Usually in that order.  If I put him in the cradle, he's still there when I return from the shower.  He may cry, but he can't actually create havoc and mayhem yet.

Instead, Marek has resorted to other methods of monopolizing my attention, and at first I fought it, but now I've just decided to accept 2am for what it really is.  Our very special quiet bonding time.  Marek gives me a relatively good stretch of sleep at night, from about 8pm to 1am or maybe 2am.  He eats and gets a new diaper when he wakes up.  Then he wants to play.  He's not crying (unless I put him back down) and he's done eating.  He just wants to hang out, typically for about two hours.  At just over a month old, he's alert and strong enough to hold up his head while he coos and giggles.  He makes googley eyes and waves his arms and legs around.  Eventually he tires and begins to yawn and that's my cue to swaddle him and rock him back to sleep.

He's the littlest brother, and he'll always have to fight Pete and Chester for his share of the ice cream, the legos and the 4-wheeler.  But we'll always have 2am. 

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