Friday, February 10, 2012

Just don't shower. It's not worth it.

I should be doing laundry, but this is too funny not to share.  The boys are curled up in "nests" that we made out of blankets and pillows,  and the baby is napping so I have a few minutes. 

I took a gamble and showered this morning.  It had been too long and I had the baby napping soundly, and the other two boys trapped in the living room, seemingly entertained by Diego Dinosaur.  I figured they would do something devious while I showered, but I had scanned the living room and playroom for any serious danger, and decided a shower was worth the risk.  Besides, the bathroom is no more than 20 feet from the farthest point in the living room, so I figured I would hear if they started getting into trouble.   

After I emerged and dressed, I was ready to celebrate my success.  The couch cushions were all over the room, but that's simple enough to fix.  They had stacked all the cushions on one chair, telling me it's a princess chair.  We learned the word "throne" and Pete told me I'm a princess and a queen and that's my princess chair.  I certainly felt like a princess, having actually gotten clean and dressed by 9am.  Even better, I had moved from the size 12 jeans down to the size 10 jeans today, just over one month post partum!  The day was really shaping up after yesterday's disaster.

Then I started to put back the cushions and I noticed some red splotches on one.  I made a mental note to wipe them down when I had a minute and went back to picking up the cushions and folding the blankets.  That's when I noticed little red splotches on the floor and it finally dawned on me that the splotches on the cushion were BLOOD. 

Before you call DCFS, I want to tell you that it was a teeny tiny injury under Chester's toe.  I checked his face first, as most of his injuries have been busting his face or mouth, but his head was fine.  I found a small cut under his toe, and followed his little bloody tracks over the couch, up on the window sill and across the stone hearth.  I could not find anything sharp or anywhere he possibly cut his foot.  I cleaned the toe, bandaged it and put a sock on him to keep him from playing with it.  Now that I think about it, if he were wearing socks to begin with, he probably wouldn't have cut the toe....

The couch is all clean and dried, and I think I found and cleaned all the little bloody footprints.  Now I'm hoping that they'll pass out in these little nests we've made while they watch a dinosaur movie and I do a little laundry.  After all, I'm still working on their blankets from last night...

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