Sunday, March 11, 2012

When did the time start to fly by so quickly?

Do you remember a time when summer break seemed like forever?  When the days crawled by as you struggled to find ways to stay entertained for three whole months

When did it change?  When did time start to fly? 

Ryan replaced our roof this fall and we choose the 30 year shingles.  Chatting with my Grandmother, who replaced her roof on the boathouse recently with a metal lifetime roof, she laughed that 30 years flies by and before you know it we'll have to buy a new roof again!  I guess when you're 85, 30 years can fly by. 

Because of a scheduling conflict, I'll be missing my ten year reunion this summer, and do you know what I honestly thought?  Oh, well, that's sad, but there's another one at 15.... 

Right now we're in between, not quite dragging the days like our youthful summers and not quite breezing by 30 years, but I am noticing the rate of time increasing as it passes.  It took forever for Pete to turn six weeks old, yet already nine weeks with Marek has flown by.  With three kids, there are appointments, school days, lessons, parties etc. that keep us so busy I'm booked solid through July.  That's right, it's March and I'm scheduled out through the end of July.  Pete's birthday is six weeks away.  Our move is eight weeks away.    Three months until Shelley's wedding.  Then a trip to Ohio and Michigan and once we're back to Massachusetts it's time to get ready for school and the festivities of fall.  My birthday, Ryan's birthday, our seventh anniversary, Thanksgiving in NYC with Doug and Emily, and finally there are 19 paychecks until Christmas.  Don't you feel like you just finished cleaning up from Christmas?  I'm tempted to get pregnant, just to watch the 41 weeks slow down again!

I feel like we turned the corner a few days ago, when I got close to a full night's sleep.  The older boys were behaving pleasantly, and the baby allowed me to put him down without screaming his head off.  I got to enjoy my children.  It's something I haven't done in a while.  While it's been a total zoo around here, I was just treading water.  Just making it through the day.  But this week, I got to take the time to enjoy my children again.  It's not like every day is suddenly perfect (though it was pretty close to perfect because I did shower, put on my next size down jeans, put on make up, do preschool drop off and drop off a meal to another brand new mom all by 10am) but the days have been pleasant enough that I was able to enjoy the little moments of each day that make this all worth it.

Maybe now that I'm not in such a haze the days will stop flying by.  Or maybe soon I'll be telling my grandchildren about that 30 year roof needing to be replaced before you know it. 


  1. I think it's so poignant how replacing a roof can make you think about the passage of time. Thankfully family, unlike old roofs, can't ever truly be chucked and replaced, no matter how old they get. I'm sure that you're both dreading and looking forward to the time when you'll be telling someone else about 30-year-old roofs, but until then, you should definitely enjoy the time you've got.

    - Georgine Stern -

  2. A year passed now, and I wonder if you've already replaced your roof. Getting those 30-year shingles is a good move, especially if they're properly installed and maintained. The durability of the roof materials depends on their manufacturing quality and proper maintenance. I just hope you take good care of your roof as you cherish your family who's protected by it. :)

    Jon Wright Industries