Friday, March 9, 2012

They're all different. No, really, now I actually believe it!

Everyone kept telling me each pregnancy is different (mine were all pretty similar and miserable, though this last one did kick my butt a little more than the first two- I figure I'm just getting older!) and that each child is different.  I smiled and nodded because the first two boys were very similar.

But now I can really believe it. 

Pete and Chester both had trouble breastfeeding.  Marek has been a dream.  He followed all of my research about how a breastfeeding relationship is supposed to go.  From the slightly sore nipples, to the six week growth spurt, it's like he actually read the books too!  I stopped by the LC office this week, and of course the LC recognized me immediately (I spent enough time in her office, she probably went through withdrawal when I stopped going after Chester started solids).  The LC, my NP, PCM, midwife, ENT and breast surgeon never could figure out why Chester mangled me so badly.  We never had a definitive answer, and so I just assumed this would be another year or more of screaming pain.  But Marek has excelled from day one.  He's well on his way to becoming my favorite!  (Just kidding.  A little)

Pete and Chester both wake up screaming angry.  They always have, from day one.  Regardless of if they're sleeping in my arms, in my bed or in their own bed, swaddled or unswaddled, day or night.  The eyes open and they squeal.  I envied mothers whose children "fussed" or "talked to themselves" when they wake up.  I nearly smacked the mom who said she waits to hear her baby on the monitor (we never needed a monitor, they wail loudly and immediately, so why amplify the cries?) then gets up and takes a shower, gets dressed and only then, 30 minutes later, does she go get her child from his crib.  I was always woken up by a shrill scream, and the crying doesn't stop.  Marek has started waking up and babbling in his crib!  Seriously.  I've showered twice this week, even put on make up and dried my hair too.  The older boys?  Both still wake up from nap screaming like someone is stabbing them. 

Not much time these days to blog, but I just wanted to put a little updatte out, and record my glee at how well we're doing.  Busy, but doing well!  I'm sending out hope for all of you Moms (like my pal JC, happy birthday!) who had difficult first babies and might be a little cautious about a second...   They really can be different!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this - since I'm not on FB, I haven't a clue what's going on with anyone, including you! I think I know, however, what's going on with Marek - obviously, our youngest children were somehow mixed up. Because my Charlie always wakes up screaming, unlike his sister, the babbler who let me take showers (as I type this, it has been four days - DAYS! - since my last shower; I've been depending on dry shampoo to de-oil myself).