Monday, December 19, 2011

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Okay, I actually know exactly where you are.  There's no hiding from me, little baby dinosaur!  I have decided on the "if you pack it, the baby will come" method (and thank you to Kim for helping to name that method)

Today marks just shy of 38 weeks, and as of Wednesday, I'll be eligible to deliver at the birth center (instead of the associated hospital).  For those keeping stats, this morning I measured at 1cm which is not surprising at this stage, but also doesn't indicate impending labor.  I warned the midwife that the baby is nice and low, and she was still surprised this morning because his head really is right there.  I am hoping for a nice, easy, quick, birth center water birth just like last time.

I'm also prepared for things to go differently, and have planned accordingly, arranging back-up childcare for the older boys and considering all the different requirements for a transfer to the hospital if necessary.  The extra hospital forms are on file, and I've taken a tour of the hospital. 

The cradle is ready (Thanks Jennie and Shannon!) the car seat is ready, the diapers are folded and the clothes are washed and put away.  The list of people to call when I go into labor is complete.  The iPad is loaded with music for labor, and the Nook is loaded with books for reading while we hang out in the hospital for two days after the baby's born. 

Earlier this week, I shaved my legs and gave myself a pedicure.  I also picked up water-proof mascara, as my current mascara is merely smudge-proof and certainly not birthing-tub-proof.  Laugh all you want, some women say the last thing they're thinking about is looking good while giving birth.  I think anything that gives you confidence as you're going into labor is worth the effort. 

I packed my bags with comfy clothes for the birthing tub, and extra clothes for after I get out and dry off to hang out with my new baby.  Also packed my makeup and favorite soaps and shampoo.  Don't forget the hair dryer!  I didn't pack one with my first baby because it wasn't on the hospital's packing list.  I guess they don't expect new Moms to want to shower and dry our hair?  Again, no problems if that's the last thing on your mind, but getting back to presentable makes me feel better, and a hair dryer is pretty important to that process. 

I am ready and impatient, just like all the other moms-to-be are right about now.  Scheduling a birth is a modern convenience that comes with additional risks that I'm not willing to take, so instead I will just wait.  Impatiently.  I want this baby to come for the 2011 tax break.  I want this baby to come so I'll be sufficiently recovered to enjoy my trip to San Diego in January.  I want this baby to come so I can sleep comfortably with fewer than five pillows.  I want this baby to come because my last one was over ten pounds at 41 weeks and I'd prefer a nice eight pound sized baby.

But in reality, this kid can hang out as long as he needs to, and I'll let him come in his own time (minus a few gentle methods to coax him out like primrose oil and walking the mall) because a happy healthy baby is more important to me than the tax deduction for 2011.  I am blessed not to be affected by pre-eclampsia or any other medical conditions requiring medical interventions in my delivery, so this baby will show up when he's good and ready.  Besides, we still need to come up with a name...


  1. Oh my goodness, the most exciting time!

  2. This post just keeps getting funnier as the number of days pass. That kid has set up shop and isn't interested in coming out.