Friday, October 21, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment!

About two months ago, I was sitting up late at night worried how my three-year-old would adjust to pre-school.  I wasn't worried that he would miss me and cry all day or anything, just that we've spent the last three years trying to form him into a decent human being and pre-school is the first big test.

Last night the Robinson's hosted a "Meet the Pre-school  Parents" night to meet and mingle with the other parents.  Some of us are first time pre-school parents, while others are celebrating the last of seven children finally making it into preschool.  That's right, I said seven children (ages 16-4).  This is, after all, a Catholic pre-school!  

Now I have names and numbers of other Moms to help arrange pre-school drop off when I'm too big or tired to drag my toddler out of the car to drop off Pete at his classroom.  I have to carry Chester because he refuses to hold my hand, and either sits down to cry or successfully escapes my hand-holding to make a run for it.  Oh, I had forgotten about this fun stage when Pete was nearly two!  The thought of dragging a pre-schooler, toddler and newborn out of the car to walk to the classroom had been seriously weighing on my mind, especially since it will be January, with plenty of snow and ice. 

Miss Angela, Pete's teacher, also attended the party and we chatted a bit about Pete's first two months at school.  She confirmed there have been no "Wipe me please!" incidents at school so far.  That worried me, but he's not the only three year old who can't sufficiently wipe his own butt, and luckily, he just hasn't had to poop at school yet!  I've been spared the horror of Pete explaining that "I'll wipe first and I'll be the passenger cars on the train, then you wipe last and you can be the caboose".  Where does he come up with these things?

My proud Mommy Moment of the night:  Miss Angela confirmed for me that Pete DOES say "yes ma'am" at school.  Though he is occasionally confused, like on Tuesday when he asked Miss Angela for "more apples please, sir!"  At least he's making an effort, right?

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