Monday, October 10, 2011

Funny sh*t my kid says.

Right now only one of them talks with any real communicative skills, and I'm rolling on the floor already.  I can't wait for both of them to talk, I imagine I'll be laughing too hard to type when that finally happens.

I try to weave the new Baby into some of our daily conversations, just to prep the boys for their soon-to-be baby brother.  I didn't really bother with this when we were expecting Chester, I just pointed out pictures of babies and said "baby", while Pete repeated "baby".  Whether he knew or understood that a baby was coming to his house is still up for debate, but it worked out in the end.  This time, I just bring up the new Baby randomly and see Pete's reaction.  Chester... he still doesn't care about a baby, and just spends his time pointing to pictures of large cartoon characters, saying Mommy. 

This morning, I served Pete and Chester their eggs and toast.  Pete specified that he wanted "Bagel Toast" so we had a few extra minutes to chat while the bagel toasted.  I asked Pete if the new Baby would eat eggs and toast for breakfast too.  He said "No, babies drink milk."  Oh, that's right, good job!  We probably should have just stopped there and considered the conversation a success. 

Pete asked if he could feed the new Baby Dinosaur and I told him that some babies eat milk from bottles and some babies eat milk from boobies.  I asked Pete if he remembered when Chester was a little baby, did Chester eat from a bottle or boobies?  For the record, Chester did take bottles sometimes too, and both of my boys have done bottle and breast, and Pete usually answers this question correctly.  This morning, however, he skipped my question and went right to his own question, "can I feed the Baby Dinosaur too?"  I explained that I could make some Mommy milk for Pete to put in a bottle for the baby.  Oh, but that wasn't good enough, he wanted to tell me more about his plan to feed the Baby Dinosaur. 

Pete has decided that I should put milk in his belly and sew it up so he can give the baby some boobies.  Oh, and we can practice with Killer.  Killer will like Mommy milk, and Pete will give it to him from Pete's boobies. 

Score:  Mommy- 0, Pete- 1

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