Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, who needs sleep anyway?

This is actually not about my children.  Well, it is, but it's mostly not their fault.  Today's exhaustion is brought to you by the third child, the one not yet born.  Even when my other boys give me the opportunity for plenty of sleep, the third child keeps me from resting. 

Last night Pete and Chester, exhausted from a birthday party,were in bed by 7pm.  I was into my pajamas and snuggled in bed at 7:17pm and by 7:30pm, there was no more noise from the boys, they were both asleep!  Then the party started.  The party in my belly.  Baby Three had a grand time, rolling and punching and pushing for almost two hours.  At first, I enjoyed identifying body parts and picturing this little two pound baby inside of me playing around, but by 9pm I was just annoyed.  This is my chance to go to sleep early, don't you understand that Baby? 

Sometime during the Wisconsin/MSU game I drifted off, only to wake again just after midnight to pee.  (Also Baby's fault).  Just after 1am, the toddler came crying down the hall.  It only took 2 minutes to soothe him back to sleep in his bed, but I was officially up and staring at the ceiling.  Just when I thought I might fall asleep, the dog flipped out.  He rarely barks, so I was seriously concerned and hopped right out of bed and grabbed my phone ready to call the police, only to find the dog was still in his bed, asleep under his blankets.  He must have been dreaming about the squirrel who taunts him in the backyard from the neighbor's tree.  Back in bed, I gave up and pulled up Facebook on my phone for a little entertainment. 

You know you're old and boring when most of your friends from the East Coast are already in bed and not playing on Facebook around 2am.  I used to see lots of funny status updates and embarrassing drunken pictures posted by friends when I first started using FB while Pete kept me up all night on a Saturday night three years ago.  Now, all I see is other Moms commiserating online as their children vomit all night.  At least I have friends in other time-zones to keep me entertained!  It was nice catching up with you Hawaii and Alaska ladies last night! 

Let me just pause to send hugs and prayers to little CTK who broke his leg last night in a bouncy house in Hawaii!  We hope you're comfortable while you heal, and that your Mommy can keep you entertained for the next six weeks.

The final straw last night was Pete.  He started quietly crying in his bed, and then mumbled "I want a sprinkle doughnut" before crying a little bit more.  I went into his bedroom to find him still asleep as well, but when I covered him back up with blankets, he woke up and asked for water. 

With everyone watered, snuggled and back in bed, I headed back to my bed just after 3am. 

And the boys were up and ready to play just after 5am.  That's right, total count last night, approximately five hours of sleep between 7pm-5am.  That score is pretty close to the average test scores in my Monday night Financial Accounting class.

Pregnancy insomnia is like practice for your newborn, but I've done this twice already, I don't need practice!

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  1. You are a pro! No need for practice, but definitely a need for sleep now!!