Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pillsbury, I hate you.

Chester is getting so much better with his words!  I knew this day would come, and of course it's exciting, but also bittersweet. 

He can say "candy" clear as day in the checkout line at the store.

His "yes ma'am" is totally understandable, though only I can understand his "more please".

There's a little confusion between "baby" and "belly" but I think that's honestly confusion because we have him pat the baby in my belly while saying "baby" and then ask him to pat his own belly saying "belly".  Hopefully that will also pass.

And of course, I'm thrilled when he comes running to me after MOPS or YMCA Playcare yelling "Mommy!"  However, I was less than thrilled tonight when he flipped through a magazine and came to an add for Pillsbury Brownies.  He pointed to the Pillsbury Dough Boy and said "Mommy".  I assured him that those are "yummy" and told him that's the "Pillsbury Dough Boy."  He looked at me, looked at the ad, pointed to the Dough Boy again and said "Mommy" quite firmly.



  1. Maybe he meant "mommy, you should treat yourself to a delicious pillsbury product"?

    No, probably not. If it's of any consolation, my daughter only just (at 10 weeks postpartum) pointed at my tummy and said "no babies". This is just what we put our bodies through for the greater good.

  2. I'm not sure I have any words of encouragement on this one because I just laughed so hard, I might have peed a little. Dang kegels are not working for me. ;)