Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Killer: Boston Terrier or Lizard?

Killer has been a "special" dog from the first minutes we met him.  Heading to the petstore, Ryan had dreamed of an English Bulldog, but when we arrived there was a sad looking Boston Terrier in the cage on the end.  He was marked down on sale several times, and was, in fact, on clearance.  When we asked the sales clerk, she said that the dog was super ugly and he was on sale because no one wanted him.  Well that was all we needed to hear; Killer Kowalske was coming home with us. 

When he went in for his first check-up a few days later, it was clear that he was sick already, and luckily, the pet warranty covered his medical bills because they were ridiculous. I didn't have anything other than hamsters growing up, and they didn't need vet care, since they typically escaped before having a chance to require medical attention.  Nearly $1,000 later, we took home our eight pound bag of skin and bones, with big bug eyes and a crooked tail.

He was so embarrassed to wear a birthday hat for my party.  This could have been the initial cause of the submissive piddle problems!

Look at those ears.  They're as big as his head.  Thankfully, he grew into the ears, but the tail still looks silly.

Killer's "special" problems didn't end with his trip to the vet.  He continuously excited piddled and submissive piddled.  I sent more than one friend home in a pair of sweatpants after he soiled her pants.  He couldn't climb stairs, and had to be carried to the second floor to come to bed with us.  He had gas that could clear a room. 

Killer also suffered from second dog syndrome.  Hudson shoved him out of the way for the table scraps, and despite our best effort to split them evenly, Killer would wait until Hudson finished the meat and bread, then zero in on the broccoli or other vegetables on the plate.  He has a taste for broccoli and other veggies that make their way from the kids' plates to the floor.  Now that Killer is the only dog in the house, he STILL chooses the vegetables first from the plates, coming back later for some gravy and chicken. 

Killer will find the smallest patch of sun on the floor, and curl up to bask in the sunlight.  He loves to spend a large portion of his day outside, just laying in the sun, and grazing the backyard.  Killer joined our family in the summer of 2006, and as we entered cooler weather that fall, he trembled  as the temperatures dipped below 70 so he had to wear a jacket to go outside. 
  I've determined that he must be cold-blooded. 

Between looking nothing like a Boston Terrier, eating grass and other vegetable and being cold-blooded, I've determined that Killer must be a lizard.

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  1. I love this post, because your Killer sounds like my Ducky -- the excited and submissive piddling, the sunlight on the floor cuddling, the refusing to walk up the stairs (although she grew out of that eventually, thank goodness). I think your Killer is actually pretty cute!!!