Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack. Maybe.

I've completely ignored the blog recently.  Well, for a long time.  There's been a lot going on.  I like to call it "life". 

What's been ridiculous recently?  Well, the first thing that pops to mind is poop.  I spend my days surrounded by an unfathomable amount of poop.

Having spent most of the last year in a potty training epic with Chester, we've been solidly potty trained for about 6 months.  It's to the point that I don't bother reminding him for a potty trip before we leave the house because he'll automatically go.  Nap time and bedtime are their own ball-game, though, so I scored a bargain on about 300 pull-ups and having finished the package of Spiderman pull-ups, he's wearing camouflage under-jams to nap time these days.  Considering he just turned three in February, I'm thrilled with his progress. 

Marek caught some sort of bug last week, or maybe cutting his molars upset his stomach, or who knows why, but the end result was about a week's worth of horrible poosplosions and refusal of solid food.  Thank God we're still breastfeeding because I'm not sure what else he would have eaten!  The poor kid blew out diaper after diaper, and even woke up one night to fill his diaper and whimper.  He hasn't done that since, well, about this time last year when he was just a few weeks old.

Pete tried his very best to take the first prize for poop related drama.  One afternoon as I sat and rocked the baby in the living room during nap time, I heard a great crash and a scream from upstairs.  It turns out that Pete needed to poop during nap time.  However, he didn't want to get in trouble, so he didn't tell me, but rather, he attempted to wipe himself.  (Please tell me your nearly 5-year-old can't sufficiently wipe himself either?)  Typically I check after he's wiped, but since he was being stealthy, he decided to check himself.  That's right, he climbed up on the bathroom counter to look at his butt in the mirror.  The crash I heard was him falling off the bathroom counter, grabbing at the towels, the curtains and the shower curtains.  They all crashed to the floor together, causing the huge crash and screaming.  For the record, his butt was clean.

The dog wins the poop prize.  Our house sits right at the curb but the next set of houses are set back around a courtyard.  Believe me, I understand it's a hassle to carry your groceries from your car back across the courtyard to your house, but I don't appreciate that my neighbor has taken to driving through my backyard to park in the courtyard by their front door.  Aside from the potential tire-tracks and damage to the yard, my dog and my KIDS play back there!  Today's poop prize goes to Killer, because I haven't bothered to pick up after him this week, and he laid bombs in just the right place for the neighbors to drive through the poop.  Their car smells, and I don't have to pick up after the dog. 

So there's just a quick glimpse of our ridiculous life recently, and perhaps now that the Baby sleeps in his own bed, I'll have time to write more frequently. 

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