Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rennovations, part deux!

Next on the list of cleaning and rennovation is the hallway bathroom.  Also known as the kids bathroom since all three of us used it growing up.  It's also the guest bathroom, and now when just Mom and Dad are living here most of the time, it's Dad's bathroom.

It's just your standard bathroom by most measures, except that the original owners of this house had a thing for stained glass.  They also may have been colorblind, or perhaps stoned when they selected the stained glass throughout the house. 

I neglected to take a "before" picture, but let me assure you it was horrid.  Yellow wallpaper from the 70s surrounded a yellow and pink and green stained glass window all lit in glaring florescent bulb lighting.  Ugh. 

Early in June, I tore down all the wall paper quite easily, which shocked me.  Expecting to rip and scrape and steam, I merely showered without the exhaust on to steam up the room and loosen the paper and started pulling from one edge!  99% of it came off without any extra effort and the little bit that stuck came down with a sponge full of water. 

Ryan arrived in mid-June and took over the project.  He pulled out some damaged wallboard, replacing it with new upgraded "bathroom safe" greenboard.  He also removed the hideous florescent light and replaced it with a much softer set of wall mounted sconces.  Finally, he filled the hole in the soffet from the original light, taped and mudded the drywall and then primed and painted a very nice "Tea Room" pink from Afinity. 

Let me just pause to put a plug in for the Benjamin Moore Afinity line of paint.  Every single color in this line goes together.  They have solved the problem of picking colors that look nice together to use throughout your house.  If you love the pink for the bathroom, it will look fantastic with the cream for the hallway and the blue in the bedroom and the green down the hall.  I thank God for people with an eye for that kind of thing because I'm good at numbers and numbers come in two colors:  Red and Black. 

I still need to put up some art and a clock, and buy new bathmats and a shower curtain, but the hard work is all done.  Ryan did a great job, as expected, since he's pretty much the best husband ever. 

Ignore the dirty floor, I haven't finished mopping up the drywall dust.  The yellow shower curtain... it gives you an idea of just how hideously yellow the bathroom was.  It's not a super deluxe rennovation by any means, but just a nice fresh look for a bathroom from the 70s. 

One more room down, eight to go! 

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  1. Very nice and it still goes nicely with the stained glass LOL!