Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Killer: How he survives daily life is beyond me.

Ryan's dog is everything but a dog.  He's a lizard.  He's fat.  He's lazy.  He's cold-blooded.  He's everything that a Boston Terrier should not be.  He might also be a cat, happy to snooze in the sun and flashes you disdainful looks if you try to cuddle him or take him for a walk.  Killer also has at least nine lives.   He's done really crazy things like eat blocks of rat poison and survived.  When he ran away in Lynn, he happened to hop in the car of a sister of a  friend from church.  But he's actually been a great dog on this trip, too lazy to run away, too fat to climb the stairs and get into trouble.  Killer is happy to lay on the back patio and sun himself.  He even excuses himself to the back bushes to use the potty.  Great dog, I tell you! 

Last night I let him out for a potty break about 8pm.  When he hadn't returned by 8:30pm, I was a little worried that someone picked him up, since he's too lazy to run away.  Because we just moved, his only tags are for the Air Force Base, and I figured the well-intentioned good Samaritan was probably hanging out with our fat lazy dog until the Air Force Base Vet opens in the morning and could help identify and return Killer to me.  (Yes, I'll go to Petsmart tomorrow and get him new tags too!)

So as Mom took the bigger boys upstairs for stories, I took the baby and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood to find the dog. 

I didn't need to go far. 

Killer had wandered next door and found the neighbor's minivan, which admittedly looks just like ours, and made himself at home.  He had been snoozing on the floor of their van, while my neighbor was cleaning out the back.  When he heard my voice, he jumped up and stuck his head over the back seat, scaring the neighbor about half to death.  Jerry opened the sliding door and out came Killer, just tickled to be free again.

Clearly this was God's perfect timing, since the doors were shut and Jerry hadn't noticed Killer in the van.  A few minutes later and Jerry would have been done cleaning out the van and I wouldn't have found him.  Killer would have been locked in the van all night, and depending on their plans for the next day, could have been locked in there all day too.  And we all know you should never leave your dog in a car because he can die of heat stroke in even mildly warm weather.

I figure Killer just used up another one of his nine lives. 

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