Friday, June 17, 2011

Who's a monkey? Chet's a monkey?

I always knew I'd have "adventurous" children, and Pete didn't disappoint.  I've also always heard that second children learn some skills faster from watching their older siblings, and Chester has not disappointed there either. 

But what I didn't anticipate was Chester teaching Pete a few things!

Chester is my climber.  My friend KL had a climber too, and her children are just over a year apart, so I learned a few lessons watching her deal with her climber while pregnant and with a small infant.  Pete was adventurous, but never a serious climber, so I'm incredibly thankful to KL for the playdates where I learned a few things about climbers.

At seven months, Chester climbed up the stairs in our vacation condo. 

Chester climbed out of his bed at 13 months.  Thankfully, he moved easily into a toddler bed

Together, Chester and Pete have figured out how to climb over the baby gates.  Teamwork!

Back in May, I noticed Chester was jumping with both feet, a skill usually seen in a two and a half-year old.

Finally, here are some pictures of Chester climbing a ladder today on the playground, also a two year old skill.

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  1. I am sure he will keep climbing higher too.. yikes! Enjoy your summer and let us know about your adventures on the blog.